This Day In History

This plugin allows administrators to enter a list of historic events. Historic events that occurred that day in past years can then be displayed via the included widget.

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This Day In History 2.0 Released

So the first thing you’ll notice is that we jumped directly to version 2.0.  That’s because this release has some major changes.  There have been several bug fixes as well as the enhancements to the shortcodes (which have now been split into two), the widget which can now display events for yesterday or tomorrow instead of today) and the administration screen where dates can now be sorted in different ways.  You can also enter dates without a year by using 0000 as the year.

NB:  This version requires php 5.3.0 or higher due to the use of a newer date function.

This Day In History 1.1 Released

This release of This Day In History sees a complete overhaul of the administration screens. This fixes a pagination bug with WordPress 4.0, adds screen options so you can choose the number of rows to show and also hide columns you don’t want, adds a basic toolbar to the name field to make it easy to add formatting and links, a changed style to fit in with the new WordPress dashboard, the plugin options page has been redesigned and a link added to the plugin screen so it can be more easily found, oh and the widget code has been updated to the latest standard and the options screen tidied a little.

This Day In History 1.0 Released

This is the first production release.  It has two enhancements,  Firstly you can customise the message that is displayed when there are no events (under Settings -> This Day In History) and secondly there is a new parameter for the shortcode (show-all) that you can use to show all the events that you have added.  These enhancements are both user requests.

This Day In History 0.8 Released

This release implements an enhancement request for event types.  For each event you can assign a single type and then use this to filter the results in the widget or to group similar event types in the same widget (for example, boys and girls birthdays or births and deaths).  This means that you can have two or more separate event types each with its own widget.

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This Day In History 0.5 Released

This is a bug-fix release to allow the editing of entries with html code in them.  Actually the editing of anything with double quotes, which where not being escaped correctly since the suppression of magic quotes in 0.3.  Oh how I hate magic quotes.  It is in the employ of my enemies.  Hopefully this will finally sort it out.

This Day In History 0.4 Released

This is a bug-fix release because I forgot to adjust for local (blog) time.  The widget now decides what day it is based on what you choose for your blog under settings rather than just asking the server what the time is.  I had always intended to do this but put it aside because I couldn’t remember the WP function name and then completely forgot about it. Fixed thanks to a bug report.

This Day

This Day In History is pretty flexible – you can use it to display a variety of daily content – jokes, tips, quotes and alike.

This Day In History 0.2 Released

An updated version of Today In History has been released.  This includes several minor fixes and more drastically a name change to This Day In History to sort out a name-space clash in the WordPress plugin repository.  You can download it here, via the repository.

If updating from 0.1 you must first completely uninstall Today In History then install This Day In History – due to the name change there is no upgrade path – sorry.

Today In History Plugin Renamed

I’ve had to rename the Today In History plugin to This Day In History.  This is because even though the name-space isn’t being used in the WordPress plugin repository it has already been taken by someone else who never actually uploaded anything.  I’ve checked with the WordPress people and they confirm it is taken, not being used and not available to me.  They are going to look into the name-space issue generally but aren’t committed to sorting anything out specifically.  Yet another on-line collaborative community where dead names-paces is a well-known and yet unresolved  issue.  Nobody wants to grapple with name recycling it seems.  You think at least projects over six month old with no upload might be released.

I can apparently use another name in the repository but keep the plugin name.  That doesn’t make sense to me so I’ve changed the plugin name to something that is available and now granted to me.  Once I’ve updated all the code I’ll be uploading the plugin under the new name – so check it out – This Day in History.   Not the most original world beating killer application of 2012 I expect, but useful nevertheless.  Well it is for me anyway – and I hope for you too.