DragonflyCMS Converter

This converter can be used to convert an existing DragonflyCMS 9.2.x standard forum to phpBB3. This forum is based on the phpBB2 converter as the Dragonfly forums are a derivative of that version.

The converter has been well tested on 9.2.1 but should work well with any 9.2.x version. It is designed to work with the standard integrated forums.

Support Note

As I have moved away from DragonflyCMS completely and don’t even have a working test set-up for it now I can not longer provide support for this converter nor will there be another release. You can still download and use the converter if you want but you are basically on your own.


I used version 1.0 to convert my own site and had no problems, but there are some limitations and potential issues and some specific conversions and hard-coded values that suit what I wanted and may or may not be good for you (mainly to do with bbcode and smilies).

This converter does not convert link forums or forum subscriptions because I didn’t use those features.


You can download this Mod directly from the phpBB Converters Database, or here

DragonflyCMS Converter (v.1.0.0)


This converter is a drop-in mod for the phpBB3 installer (just place the two files in the converter sub-directory under the install directory) and a new option for DragonflyCMS will appear in converters screen).  Just follow the conversion process and fill in (or change if your installation is different) the various boxes.  The conversion takes care of the rest, and will convert the following data (copying images and files where required):

  • Users (and avatars)
  • Ranks
  • Smilies
  • Groups
  • Forums (all categories, forums, sub-forums, forum-links, topics, posts, polls, attachments and topic icons)
  • Private Messages
  • Administrators
  • Common System Settings