Delete My Account

This extension will add a new UCP tab that allows users to delete their own account. Complies with EU directive 95/46/CE.


You can download this extension, from the phpBB3 extension database.

Please drop me a line if you use this extension; I’m very interested in any feedback you might have.


The Delete My Account extension does the following:-

  • adds a Delete My Account tab to the UCP
  • uses a two step deletion process with double checks and password confirmation
  • adds a permission to allow users to also delete their posts (this defaults to off) – when a third checkbox appears on the UCP page
  • prevents Founders from deleting themselves
  • assigns any posts to the guest user with the name Deleted User plus the users old ID (e.g. Deleted User 342)
  • logs the deletion in the user log
  • uses the standard in-built user deletion process



  • Compatibility: phpBB 3.2.0


If you want to allow users the option to delete their posts you should edit the permissions for the group or role you wish to allow to do this (registered users for example) and set “Can Delete Posts when deleting account” to Yes.¬† If you don’t wish to give them this option then you are good to go.

 Version History


  • Initial Release

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