DragonflyCMS Convertor 0.9.06 Released

There are three enhancements in this version as well are some minor bug fixes and removal of unused functions.

The first enhancement is that deleted and suspended users are now automatically deactivated in phpBB3.  This means that they can not log on or be seen but the posts remain visible.  You should review each user and either delete them, leave them as deactivated or ban the user and then re-activate the account as you wish.  phpBB3 handles deleted users in a different way – the account is removed and if you wish to keep the posts these are transferred to the anonymous user (but keep the same poster user-name).  You should probably do this for any deleted users that you had in DF (although you should permanently delete as many of those as you can before the convertion).

The second enhancement is that simple html in forum descriptions is now automatically converted into bbcode.  In DF is was possible to use bold, italic and underline html codes in forum descriptions but in phpBB3 this is not allowed so these are converted into the appropriate bbcodes so that the formatting is kept intact after the conversion.

The last enhancement is that time zone-correction is now automatic – providing that you do your conversion in the same time-zone as the DF server (so if you test locally in a different time-zone the times may be off by an hour or so).  I think that this is a better option and easier to manage than having to set and unset options.  This uses a php function that required php5.2+ but I expect that most people will have this by now.