Easy Events

This plugin allows administrators to enter one or more programmes of events which can then be displayed in as a list of events via an included widget or short-code function.

This plugin requires bootstrap version 3.3.5 or higher.


You can’t download this Plugin from  the WordPress Plugin Directory.


You can enter, edit or delete events via the simple administration page which also lists the events that you have entered.  You can, of course, both filter and sort the list.

The events are displayed via an included widget or short-code.  Events are shown chronologically for a given programme or period (or a combined programme can be displayed).

The events are stored in the standard posts table so it should be possible to use the standard import process for posts to upload events (use a post type of easy_events).

Version History


  • Production Release
  • Updated to use bootstrap


  • Fixed pagination issues with WordPress 4.0
  • Moved number of events shown to a screen option
  • Overhaul of admin screens


  • Added link to Events page.
  • Updated widget layout


  • Added jQuery toggle to show / hide past events in shortcode lists
  • Added Header to shortcode with h=”My Events Header”
  • Updated help text


  • Documentation fixes
  • Help text Fixes
  • Improved shortcode compatibility
  • Improved css class compatibility


  • Initial Release

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