Random One Cat Widget 2.1 Released

A new release in only a couple of days?  Yes, partly to fix a bug with custom fields that I introduced when moving to the WP widget class and partly to release increased functionality.

Since version 2.0 you can display up to five posts and so sometimes you might not want to have the text of the post display, but rather just the titles as links to the post.  This version allows you the option of doing just that.

I also took the chance to tidy up the widget parameter layout to make it cleaner and more compact.  At the same time I’ve made the widget fully translatable so if you care to translate it I’ll be happy to include that in the download.

Lastly the new WP widget class doesn’t seem to like options lists that have options with a value of zero.  In order to fix this I’ve had to renumber the options value for choosing titles.  If you had configured the widget before, after the upgrade your choice of titles will have changed to the next one on the list, so you’ll need to set it back.  Sorry about that.  Hopefully all will be well going forward now.