This Day In History 0.6 Released

This release implements a couple of enhancement requests and a few other bits and bobs.

The enhancements are:

  • an option to change the date format on the administration page
  • an option to change the number of events per page on the administration page
  • The event name is no longer limited to 255 characters and has a larger input area

There is also a new options page under settings where you can choose your preferred settings (year, month or day first for the date format and a range of numbers from 10 to 100 for the per-page event listing).  The defaults are as original settings (year first and 10 events per page).  After upgrading you should go to the new settings page and click save settings if you have any errors on the Historic Events pages.

There are also a few minor html and css fixes.

You should note that you can enter very large events names (thousands of characters) however the widget is not designed for pages of text so your event listing may not look good with super long names.  Also although you can enter line breaks in the administration screen, these will not be shown, either in the list of events nor in the widget itself.  This is not a bug but expected behaviour.