This Day In History 0.8 Released

This release implements an enhancement request for event types.  For each event you can assign a single type and then use this to filter the results in the widget or to group similar event types in the same widget (for example, boys and girls birthdays or births and deaths).  This means that you can have two or more separate event types each with its own widget.

Events are now stored as posts with a custom post type of tdih_event.  This means that it should be possible to use the normal WordPress importer to import events should you wish to do so.

NOTE:  After an upgrade to 0.8 you may find that all you events have disappeared – to get them back you just need to go to the plugin screen de-activate This Day In history and then re-activate it.  Your events will then return.  Apologies for this – the automatic updater should do this but it seems it doesn’t work as expected.