This Day In History 0.9 Released

This release adds the ability to use a shortcode in any post or page to display the list of events for today, just as you do in the widget.  This means that you can link directly to a list of events my setting up a page and adding the shortcode to it.

To add a list to a page just add the shortcode [tdih]

There are three optional parameters that you can use in the shortcode.

  • show_year.  This determines if the year is show for the events.  1 shows the year (default) and 0 does not.
  • show_types.  This determines if event types ate shown.  1 show event types (default) and 0 does not.
  • filter_type.  This allows you to enter an event type slug to show only those events with this slug (default is not to filter).


[tdih]  – shows years, event types and all events for today – same as [tdih show_year=1, show_types=1]

[tdih show_year=0, show_types=0] – shows all events for today without the year they occurred by event type.

[tdih filter_type=’births’] – shows events for today (including the year) with an event type slug of birth.