This Day In History 2.0 Released

So the first thing you’ll notice is that we jumped directly to version 2.0.  That’s because this release has some major changes.  There have been several bug fixes as well as the enhancements to the shortcodes (which have now been split into two), the widget which can now display events for yesterday or tomorrow instead of today) and the administration screen where dates can now be sorted in different ways.  You can also enter dates without a year by using 0000 as the year.

NB:  This version requires php 5.3.0 or higher due to the use of a newer date function.


  • Thomas

    Recently, perhaps around the time of the update, the daily information is no longer shown on mobile devices. But still on desktops.

    • BC

      Thank you for the feedback. I checked this today and it is working fine for my sites on my android phone using both Firefox or Chrome.