Today In History 0.1 Released

I’ve released a Today In History plugin for WordPress today – this is a fully working initial release and I would be greatly pleased to receive some feedback.

This is the standard “On this day in history” thing (enter a bunch of events that happened to be displayed in a list on the day of the year in which they occurred) wrapped up nicely into a plugin and widget using all new features from WordPress 3.3.

It’s really easy to enter new events and manage existing events from the paginated list (which can be searched, filtered and sorted), all on a single administration page.  There’s tabbed help to guide you if you need it and a quick link on the Admin Bar should you suddenly think up a new event and want to add it whilst you remember.

Today In History Widget

Displaying the list could not be more simple.  Just add the widget into your chosen theme and give it a title and you’re all done.  Cool eh? The widget does all the hard work in grabbing today’s events and displaying them in the correct order and it’ll always remember to change them each day.  If you don’t have any events for a particular day then don’t worry, the widget will silently hide itself until the next day with an event rolls around.

Hopefully this will soon make it into the plugin repository but it seems like there is currently a snafu with the name-spaces that means that even though the name today-in-history doesn’t have a plugin attached, when I tried to add one it says that the name is taken.   I’ve searched about and can’t find any Today In History plugin so perhaps it’s an abandoned project and the name can be recycled.