This Day In History 1.1 Released

This release of This Day In History sees a complete overhaul of the administration screens. This fixes a pagination bug with WordPress 4.0, adds screen options so you can choose the number of rows to show and also hide columns you don’t want, adds a basic toolbar to the name field to make it easy to add formatting and links, a changed style to fit in with the new WordPress dashboard, the plugin options page has been redesigned and a link added to the plugin screen so it can be more easily found, oh and the widget code has been updated to the latest standard and the options screen tidied a little.

This Day In History 0.5 Released

This is a bug-fix release to allow the editing of entries with html code in them.  Actually the editing of anything with double quotes, which where not being escaped correctly since the suppression of magic quotes in 0.3.  Oh how I hate magic quotes.  It is in the employ of my enemies.  Hopefully this will finally sort it out.

This Day In History 0.4 Released

This is a bug-fix release because I forgot to adjust for local (blog) time.  The widget now decides what day it is based on what you choose for your blog under settings rather than just asking the server what the time is.  I had always intended to do this but put it aside because I couldn’t remember the WP function name and then completely forgot about it. Fixed thanks to a bug report.