Random One Cat Widget 2.2 Released

I’ve had a couple of comments about the formatting of titles from people using the widget to display a list of titles for random posts.  After thinking about this for ages it finally dawned on me that WP widgets tend to use an unordered list for display and I didn’t use that in this widget because originally the widget only displayed one post and mostly then just the text of that post and not the title.  However since I updated the widget to display up to five posts and added the option to only display the post titles, that configuration is popular, but the formatting isn’t a list.

OK that was a long boring explanation of why the list of titles isn’t actually a list.  Well it doesn’t matter so much why it happened that way only that it did and more importantly that people expect it to be a list.  So now it is.

In this version if you choose to display titles only you’ll get an unordered list.  If you don’t you’ll get the same display as before (a div for each post).  I hope that helps.

101 Lists and How to Manage Them

Right.  After a great deal of trawling about it seems that there is no publicly available WordPress plugin to help manage a 101 things list.   That’s not good enough.  A gap that I am going to fill.  It shouldn’t be that hard.  A nice new admin screen to enter and manage the list, together with a status for each task and maybe categories.  A couple of widgets (in progress, latest tasks completed, grid of completion, stats, countdown etc) and a nice list tag to display the list in style (or a task or a category of tasks).

That will give everyone more time for doing list things themselves.  That’s my strategic tip for getting your 101 done.  Spend less time on list management and more time on list completion.  Decide -> List -> Do -> Tick.  It’s not new or clever, but it is a strategy.  You might want to think smarter and visit 101 Strategy for something more in-depth.

The best 101 things site I’ve seen so far is at Scarlet Words, although I personnaly prefer a less complex 101 list itself but I nevertheless intend to steal some of Elizabeths ideas.  Hopefully she wont mind – her list seems devoid of tasks that my stealing of her ideas might help complete – but I hope I don’t ruin 025 if she reads this  (if you ever get around to 081 I’ll might help) .   BTW I like the idea of secret tasks – too late for my current list I guess, but it would have made for a more interesting list for me (if not for readers of the list).