Sub Categories Widget 1.4 Released

This release implements a enhancement request to have the post define the parent category for the sub-category list.  The first category of the post (the first post is used if more than one are displayed, for example on an archive page) as a parent category.  If this category has no sub-categories then the widget is not displayed at all.

You’ll also notice that the exclude categories option is now a multi-selection list (use ctrl click to select more than  one category).

The release also improved sanitation and validation of widget input.


Sub Categories Widget 1.2 Released

A new version of the ever popular sub-categories widget has been released which has two enhancements.  The first is that you can now exclude specific categories by entering a comma-delimited list of category IDs and these categories (and any sub categories that they have) will not appear in the widget listing.

The second enhancement is the ability to show the full sub-category tree; all sub-category levels will then be included in the widget list rather than just the first level of subcategories.

Random One Cat Widget 2.3 Released

This release adds an enhancement request to allow the shortening of posts to the More… marker if it is used (if it isn’t used for a post the entire post content is displayed as before).  This gives much more flexibility about the type of post that you are able to display in the widget.  To use this simply check the new option box on the widget.  If you aren’t displaying post content, but only title, there will be no change to the display.


Random One Cat Widget 2.2 Released

I’ve had a couple of comments about the formatting of titles from people using the widget to display a list of titles for random posts.  After thinking about this for ages it finally dawned on me that WP widgets tend to use an unordered list for display and I didn’t use that in this widget because originally the widget only displayed one post and mostly then just the text of that post and not the title.  However since I updated the widget to display up to five posts and added the option to only display the post titles, that configuration is popular, but the formatting isn’t a list.

OK that was a long boring explanation of why the list of titles isn’t actually a list.  Well it doesn’t matter so much why it happened that way only that it did and more importantly that people expect it to be a list.  So now it is.

In this version if you choose to display titles only you’ll get an unordered list.  If you don’t you’ll get the same display as before (a div for each post).  I hope that helps.

Random One Cat Widget 2.0 Released

Version 2.0 of the Random One Cat widget for WordPress was released today.  This is a complete rewrite of the module to use the new WP widget class.  That not only future proofs the widget but also greatly simplifies the code and reduces it by about half.

In addition this version allows you to display up to five random posts at a time, rather than just a single post.

Unfortunately the move to the new WP widget class means that any widgets you have already added to you theme with a previous version will be removed when you upgrade to version 2.0.  I know that will be annoying but the benefits of moving to the new class far outweigh the effort to re-add the widget (i.e. this widget will continue to work in WordPress 3.1 and beyond).

Random One Cat Widget Titles

You can choose to show the Random One Cat Widget widget or post title or not by selecting from the drop-down list.

Random One Cat Widget Improvements

I’ve made a small change to Random One Cat Widget which improves the functionality of titles.  You can now choose to display only the widget title, only the post title, both of the titles together or neither title.   A new drop down has replaced the checkbox in the widget configuration and you should revisit each one to choose the option you prefer.  This adds flexibility to the widget without bringing much additional complexity.  I hope that you like this feature – please take a moment to leave some feedback either way.